Used Drilling Rigs

Used Drilling Rigs

Newsom Rig Sales 


We sell used drills for all types of drilling needs: Water Well, Oil & Gas, Mining, Environmental, Geotechnical, Directional, and Construction.


We are also looking for drills to purchase, or to help you sell. Please let me know what equipment that you have, what condition it is in, and what you would like to get for it.

Listed below are just some of the many drills that we have available for sale.

Please note that any/all of these drills are subject to being sold at any time, and unless stated otherwise will be sold "AS IS - WHERE IS".

Please click on the Rig Make / Model below for information on a specific machine. 

Cable Tool Rigs

Caldwell Foundation Auger Rigs


CME-550 CME-55


CME-75 and CME-750


Cyclone TH-50

Delta Base Model 430, Built in 2008

Dresser T-70W / SS-90K Special

Driltech D-25KW & D-40K


Elevator Shaft Drill - Telescoping Auger Drill Limited Access

Failing 1250 / 1250 Track Mt.

Failing CF-15

Failing 750 and 1500

Failing 20K

Failing F-2-HT

Failing 2500

Failing 3000

Gus Pech Brute 22R - 1100

IR T-3W and T-4W

IR TH-60

IR TH-75 and TH-100

IR / Cyclone Model RO-300

Mayhew 1000

Mobile Drill B-53

Mobile Drill B-61

Mobile Drill B-80-14

National T-32


Schramm T-685W

Small Trailer Mounted Drills

Soilmec Foundation Rigs

Stardrill SD-50, SD-100, SD-200, and SD-300

StrataStar 5 & StrataStar 15

Speed-Star SS-135 and SS-200

Speedstar SS-15

Speedstar-15 THH

SS-22 Rotary and SS-22 Flooded Reverse Rotary

SS-40 SP or SS-25T


Speedstar SS-30K

Speedstar SS-30K-DH

Speedstar SS-40K BH (Big Hole)

Speedstar SS-50K

Speedstar SS-70K

Speedstar SS-90K Big Hole

SS-110K CH (Casing Hammer Rig)


SS-1100 (SS-300K)

Spencer Harris 3500 and 7000 Rigs

UtiliCorp Guardrail Drill, 2006

Please Note: We are allways looking for good used rigs and equipment.
    You can fill out our electronic information form, or fax us a description of the equipment that you want to sell.
We are currently looking for:
    * Gardner Denver Model 2000, or 2500 table drive, with pulldown. 
    * Mobile-Drill Model B-90
    * Mobile-Drill Model B-80-22
Please take the time to fill out the Rigs Wanted page located on our web site map, or call me anytime at 916-663-3698. Cell phone: 1-916-768-4790, or fax a copy to 916-768-4428.